Our Certified Mediums

As you watch our mediums work in our Sunday services or in various events, you may wonder what it means to be a “Certified Spiritualist Medium,” or how one develops their gift.

What is a Spiritualist Medium?

A Spiritualist Medium is a missionary for Spirit, bringing Spirit messages and scientifically proving the continuity of life to all who seek it. Spiritualist Mediums are also teachers and lecturers, educating congregants and students about the philosophy, science and religion of Spiritualism. We are not evangelists, but rather respond to the interests of those who seek.

What does Certification mean?

An SCOS-Certified Spiritualist Medium is one who has been educated in mediumship in whole or in part at the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism, and certified as a Spiritualist Medium by the church. This individual will have met all requirements as set forth at the time of certification, and will, at a minimum, be capable of:

  • Performing consistent, accurate, and compassionate evidential mediumship on “the platform,” i.e. in front of the congregation, in private readings, or in circle format.
  • Offering an inspirational lecture which builds upon the Principles of Spiritualism, and the inherent Natural Laws,¬†further enlightening congregants about Spiritualism.
  • Teaching classes in mediumship and Spiritualist philosophy.

Learn more about the process of Medium Certification>>

Swampscott Church of Spiritualism Certified Mediums

Gurdeep Bhogal
Dan Boylan
Renee Buck
Barbara Farewell
Richie Farrell
Robin Gillette
Rev. Fatima Heath
Andrew List
Rev. Jason McCuish
Cathy McIntyre
Adrienne O’Keefe
Julie Picardi
Marilyn Regan
Rev. Leo Rogers
Shana Ross
Robert Talbot
Laura Dominick

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